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'Making Mindful Momentous Music' 

- Lady Luck Performed By Pete Winwood -
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Pete Winwood

'Awesome you're here!'

Welcome to 4M Inspire

(Previously known as Bullet King Music)

Greetings, Let me ask you a question.

Would you agree that the internet and the music industry can be a wondrous and destructive place for artists?

My past journey has felt tough.

I have been on a journey to break into the music industry and create for myself a full time income for over 16 years now.


I got my first taste of success performing at the Royal Albert Hall at the age of 11. I didn't do anything really to create this opportunity it just happened and I said YES! One huge benefit and innocence of being a child, things happen and you can't explain why.

Fuel for my inspiration

Since then that moment had inspired me to pursue a career in music. I felt I had some talent in singing and why not. Someone's got to do it and as well Bryan Adams makes it look so easy. 

First Cuts

Looking back, I remember cutting my first demos on analog 8 track systems and copying them onto cassette tapes, with my friends mocking up my bands. We were working with local producers and practising in cheap affordable lock ups and back room pubs.

Dreaming of the day the music would be picked up by some greater force. Saying,


"Hey, wow, you're really good, let me sign you and don't worry about money... ever again."


But as time passes a few truths start to appear and you fall into or out of the trap of the 'unsigned circuit' and  start asking questions such as:

'Well , I can get my friends and family members to my gigs, how do I break out and cast my net a little further to reach others to form real album buying fans?'

'On this unsigned circuit ma-lark I see plenty of other musicians, so do I have to win over there support?, are they my potential audience?'

Sound Familiar? or how about this.

Cuts get deeper

Hang on, I'm trying to make something positive here, sing, world peace and all that, however, I can't help feel my music is not being performed to the right audience at the right places and at the right time. On top of that, over the industry's rejection and the feeling of being frustrated after knocking on endless dead end doors, running around in circles trying to get anyones attention who might seem to me be a step up the ladder. All ends in vein. Unless of course money is on the table.

Is it all about Education?? 


Spent time and energy studying and attending music establishments and coming out with certificates and a load of tuition fee debts. Up-skilled a little, spent a-lot. Wait where's the work. Here's my certificate, where is my job. 


Sometimes you forget why you wanted to walk this path in the first place.


All I wanted to do was to perform music, write songs and enjoy the ride. However, I realised just like a roller coaster you need strict rules in place for it to work. You need a team, structure and plan. You may be providing PART of the music, but on it's own it isn't enough, who is providing the rest? like:

  • Other musicians to layer the sound and expand the performance.

  • Professional skill knowledge of sound engineering, producing and mastering sounds.

  • Business and management support for networking, budget control, marketing strategies, sales, releases, admin. 

  • Band image and profile brand.

  • Video production.

  • Online website, social media and having a digital presence.


This sounds exhausting for one person to do and believe me it is, but is essential for a successful return and this is why you need the right mind set for it to succeed,


Turning failure into success


rejection into experience. 

This is why I feel the right thing for me to do is to continue to pursue the following vision of which I remind myself of everyday. 

My mission: 

'To Make Mindful Momentous Music'


So I can deliver and create quality inspirational music which not only touches the hearts and minds of others from all walks of life, aiding them to find inner strength from music so that they may go on and do great things in the world.

Encompassing a better world and mind set for everyone that they come into contact with.

Launch Independent Music

I believe, now is the time for new Independent music collaborators to stamp their mark within the music industry and have a huge impact. This is why I have created 4M Inspire 'To Make Mindful Momentous Music' which has been made possible by new online digital techniques, mass communication platforms and information sharing possibilities. Cutting out the middle man and traditional routes which could only be followed in the past.


Entrepreneurs are providing new and exciting tools for artists to progress further, to seek out opportunities and develop an independent edge. It has never been easier for DIY musicians to take control of their own futures and do what they do best. ​

If you feel the calling, become a  'Wild Horse.

Who and what is a Wild Horse?

A  free spirit.


A metaphor for a person who despite their present set of circumstances believes that they can better their life and those around them by being true to themselves and makes a stand to live by their true purpose, passion and desire. 


A person on the path to break out from the norm and connect with their inner spirit, to develop the internal so it impacts the external. 

I am counting on you still being with me, you may ask. How can I be apart of this and support the cause?


Become a free Wild Horse member and subscribe to the mailing list to keep up-to-date with new music releases, projects and news today.

Something you need to share?


By being a member you can contact me and feature as a guest blogger to get the word out.

Do you have a skill to offer? 

Send through your proposal and tell me how you can help the cause, are we on the same mission already?

Become a Wild Horse VIP troop member and sign up:


  • To fund further projects,

  • Access to back catalogue recordings and all up and coming recordings,

  • 25% discounts in the merchandise store, credit mentions and online links,

  • Access to member only forums and chat boards. 

  • Supporting Bullet King Music and Pete Winwood in a sustainable way.

Music is for the community, communities enhance the musical experience of us all. Music is for others.

4M Inspire is coming into its very own 'Large Existence' overarching and steering the ship for creative music projects and engagement.


This is a place to grow, flourish and succeed.


Would you like to collaborate? 


Get in touch 

Remember, become a Wild Horse and release your spirit unto the world.

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