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'Making Mindful Momentous Music' 

About 4M

4M stands for Making Mindful Momentous Music and is the core values and  driving force slogan behind everything that happens at 4M. 


Are aims are simple: To Make Mindful Momentous Music which not only touches the hearts and minds of others from all walks of life, but aids in momentum for you to find inner strength and healing from music, so that you can go on and do great things in life. Encompassing a better world and mind set for everyone that they come into contact with.

We want to grow and establish a reputable music organisation to showcase quality music from momentous music artists. Currently  Singer-Songwriter Pete Winwood, and his band mates 'The Buzzbots' (Paul Wain on bass) are following the 4M values in every opportunity and decision they take on their musical journey.

So we WELCOME you here and..... NOW is the time for 4M to stamp its mark within the music industry, with more and more tools and opportunities available, it has never been easier for Independent Artists to take control of their own futures and do what they do best. 

Creator Pete Winwood, urges you to join his cause and support the 4M rules; become a wild horse and keep in contact for updates, and just show your support for quality independent music.

Become a 'Wild Horse'.






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