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Sons' of HooD


Short Biography

‘Sons of Hood’ are a band of brothers, a shadow in the mist, a whisper in the crowd.


Follow the indie pop-folk act, hailing from Staffordshire England. 

We are filling the storytelling niche with acoustic ambiance, and emotive soul.

Pete Winwood and Paul Wain are currently stamping our own mark, our own sound from a suburban shire base in England.

We sound similar to whomever you manage to pigeon-hole use with. Musician inspiration stems from, Jeff Buckley, Byran Adams and Seth Lakeman.

Currently, Pete Winwood leads the charge having successfully achieving multiple radio features of his EP 'Million Ways'. Highlighting songs such as, 'Flames In June ' and Wild Horses of London' on stations such as BBC WM, Stoke, Devon, Cornwall, and BBC Radio 6 music. As well as countless other internet and community radio station features. The tracks notable had credits with chart-topping Gavin Monaghan (Nizlopi, Robert Plant) with Flames in June and Wild Horses of London both being recorded at Magic Garden Studios.

Pete is closely accompanied by his best man Paul Wain, a quick-witted, fast-fitting bass player, who has featured YouTube videos showcasing his virtuoso on his instrument. Paul has a vast array of musical repertoire under his belt and has played at energetic high profile local festivals, such as Rugeley Rocks, The Sun Inn Music festival, and countless other intimate local events. Paul has been proving his resolve by creating engaging bass-lines on a joint track called White Washed Waves. This has a huge significance in developing the duos writing partnership further and leading the way to the path of the righteous and just.

‘A traditional English and progressive ensemble. Creating a refreshing and mature display of musicianship. Packaged up tightly with the bass and percussive that makes a commercially driven delight.’

The Ego Eyes

Band together and be a part of the story.

We are ‘Sons' of Hood’



Long Bio

The Beginning.



Since the tender age of ten, Pete Winwood started his music career with a Bang!


Having been enticed to join the Cannock Chase County Choir with the incentive of having the opportunity to perform at the one and only... Royal Albert Hall.

Upon his first audition he was placed in the tenors' section, weekly practises lay ahead and performances at local venues such as the Lichfield Cathedral followed. Then in 1995, Pete went on to sing at the Royal Albert Hall in front of a full theatre audience.


The bug was caught and the stage was set. Since that moment Pete has dreamed of a return performance, this time leading the show performing his songs.


Teenage Kicks


Pete first started his rebellious ways by fronting a school formed band called Inertia, playing rock covers on the local seen.

After this, upon leaving school Pete formed a band called Lot 20, named after the Lot number where they would regularly practise in Pete’s Dad’s work unit.

The band cut a demo on an Analogue tape system, at Abbey Studios in Rugeley with Lee Beddow and was surprised with all the productive industry feedback from the band’s first demo EP called ‘Stranded’.


The Student


Pushing forward Pete decided to further his education and studied Performing Arts at Stafford College and there Lot 20 went their separate ways.


"I always feel Music is a journey we can share with others"

 Pete Winwood.

Pete decided to complete a solo EP and sought the services of David Lane at Fast Lane Productions as Musical director and recorded an EP at Redwine Studios, engineered by Chris Warsop, resulting in an upbeat, pop, theatre-style recordings.


This recording enabled Pete to secure a place at Wolverhampton University, where Pete spent 3 years, playing in multiple bands and exploring popular music the industry and where he achieved a BA (Hons) 2:1 in Popular Music. Strengthening his passion and building a solid foundation and knowledge of music.



Small Existence 


Pete left University and full of hopes, fronted a band called Small Existence as Singer, contributed Songwriter and acoustic guitarist. 

The band Produced Indie Rock music with a barrel of material thrusting out into the world. Also delivering London and Midland tours, as well as having guest appearances on BBC WM and BBC Stoke Subculture,. As well as securing a development deal with a small label called Chrome Records.


The band split in 2007 and Pete decided to concentrate on songwriting and headed in the direction of a solo performer, becoming more introvert and acoustic, sensing a change in musical direction.


Pete Winwood - Solo -


Pete went to work on his second solo project, firstly working with old college friend John Sambrook at studio 2 Ingestre Hall.

There Pete recorded Lighting Fires with John's trustful sound engineering and production skills, Pete and John produced a progressive acoustic delight adding piano and strings to really orchestrate the arrangements and song.


Following this Pete gained interest from Gavin Monaghan and Gaz Rogers at Magic Garden Studios and Pete commissioned Gavin to lead on the master mix of Lighting Fires to fantastic results, really bringing out the song's arrangements and tailoring the mix into a gentle aura, plucking the sensations.


Pete continued work at Magic Garden studios and recorded Flames in June and Wild Horses of London with Gavin and Gaz, creating an explosive and progressive Indie Pop song with full backing and volume.

The master mix and final touches of Wild Horses of London were brought together by Steve Williams at Chapel Studios adding a full and polished sound.


To finish the EP ‘Million Ways,’ Pete added a homegrown tracked called White Washed Waves.

Alongside Pete’s Solo Career, he has performed live and has featured on BBC Devon, Totnes Radio, and Rivera FM and had radio play on BBC 6 Music and Demon FM (Leicester).

Press Pack  - Email for password





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