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Create you own space for musical bliss.

Peaceful view for inspiration

All year round we wait for those few weeks of beaming sunshine and relaxing armchair days, to soak our bodies in UV rays and try in vain to get a tan! well some of us do. I enjoy the space to write songs and play my guitar.

This blog is for the builders, project workers, the partners who want their home and garden to be the best it can be and to give you some inspiration in building your own space for more useful spaces in the garden.

Here I am going to explore the potential of what your garden holds and how you can make the most of the space you have, because lets face it. we can all do with more space and time to really invest in ourselves and our homes.

Have you asked yourself, what is the function of your garden?

This is an interesting question. Have you ever really thought about it?

What is the actual function of your garden. lets start a list, I love lists:

Outside space for your playing

  1. To look pretty and used for atheistic purposes.

  2. A small football pitch used by the children.

  3. A play park.

  4. A dogs toilet.

  5. A dogs run.

  6. An overgrown weed infested waste.

  7. A I will sort the garden out tomorrow.

  8. A gathering place for your friends and family.

  9. A place to enjoy your dinner and quiet time.

  10. Your space to be calm, peaceful and for me time.

  11. A place where you can connect with nature.

  12. A place to keep you busy and bear the fruits of your label.

A garden means different things to people and can be a combination of all the above or just one or two things. But if you think about it the garden is really an extension of your home and needs to be properly utilised. Because lets face it you pay for it! I know, I pay for mine and its about all of the above, if looking at it from a 365 day perspective.

Now lets start with some visualisation.

What would your dream garden look like?

Entertain the family

Picture it for a minute or two spent the time, get excited.

My dream garden with my current lifestyle would consist of: orderly plants exactly where I want them; low upkeep and visually effective; A space for the kids to call their own; a vegetable patch and an outbuilding/shed where I can really get excited and create my own space.

What was your dream garden?

Find your peace in the garden

I think one of the key aspects to appreciating the garden is a vantage point where you can get the most from it rain or shine. I am really looking into getting my very own extension and vantage point.

You see I am a musician and luckily I have a conservatory to sit in and go about my business. But ideally I would like a stand alone building, which is easy to use and creates more space within my life and also creates a bit of distance from the day-to-day functioning and allows me to fully concentrate on my enjoyments and allows me to create quick extended progress on my activities.

So here is a top tip for a DIY project that I am currently looking at doing, I think it is an amazing idea and good way to really take ownership of your land, also it adds value and lifestyle benefits to your family.

DIY King, It's all in your hands

Check out this video and let me know what you think? would this be useful for a summer project?

You can gain access to over 12000 plans, designs and exact materials and requirements to create your own outbuilding/shed in a very short amount of time.

... Or I have one FREE plan on how to build a 12x8 Shed for FREE PDF on how to build a 12x8 Shed click here now.

... Select your option below..... Thank you for reading and I hope to hear off you very soon, let me know how your summer project is going.

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