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Jeff Buckley is a timeless wonder.

1 of 5 awesome folk artists that nailed it!

Who would have guessed that a backstreet café singer would have risen to such heights and inspire so many artists to-date. When Jeff Buckley received his first Led Zeppelin album, could he have imagined what influence it would have on future artists. Including UK’s Adele, Bono, Tom Yorke and Matt Bellamy. I real high point for male vocals was the confidence to sing in falsetto. Something Bellamy and Yorke, both practice regularly within their own music. It is safe to assume Buckley paved the road here and showed how this high vocal range can be used in an effective and cool way.

I remember the first time I listened to Buckley’s album ‘Grace’, introduced and recommended by my singing tutor at the time. I remember the delight on his face and anticipation of introducing me the album, like my world would never be the same again, or I would instantly find musical satisfaction within my soul. I can safely say that it did hold a big influence on me and I do hold him as an inspiration and bench mark to reach.

The appeal of Buckley’s songs, is the freedom he seems to portray within the music, effortlessly reaching wondrous sounding notes and driven melodic guitar parts, working intrinsically with the vocal line and feel of the piece. Heartfelt to say the least and delivered with such beauty, capturing the attention of the listener and their core.

Guitar image

With much respect, this style of folk rock can only be fully appreciated through live performance capturing an in the moment feel and sense of, I am watching an artist at work. I sadly didn’t have the opportunity to watch Jeff live, however I watched his DVD Mystery White Boy, which was live in Chicago.

This live recording really gave the sense of a seemingly causal musician at work, it was about the songs and the performance of the music, not a stage show, or a dance act. The idea was to connect to the listener on an auditory level, immersing themselves in the musical vibes and understanding the lyrical content. Like most folk songs, stripped down sounds, revolving around a personal experience within story telling. Buckley added guitar rock driven sections and effects adding more modern influences to the mix.

I know once I listened to Buckley’s songs ‘I FEEL INSIDE’, by which I mean his music stirs an emotional reaction inside me, and a sense of myself wanting to experience more and search more within myself rather than being extrovert. See you experience the world through the filters of your own minds perceptions and paradigms and music has a way of bypassing this (if you let it) and leaves an everlasting stamp in your mind.

Well Jeff managed to do this to me and I am very thankful and appreciate the work he completed in this world within the time he had.

What do you think of Jeff Buckley? Do he inspire you?

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