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BuzzBop until you can't stop.

The health of music and culture is the presence in our soul for change.

Just think if you had no music on in your local pub. No music on in the car, at work or when we're dancing. It seems to connect with the frequency and wavelength we're on and has the power to change that. Yes change how we feel. I love that idea, impact what we are thinking about and influence our decisions and moods.

So you know when your favourite artist is playing your favourite song. It instantly hits you, changes your mood and before you know it your dancing, singing and having a good time.

So remember to respect live music, all music in fact. As that is someone else's favourite song. Even if it's not your cup of tea. Bringing me to conclude music and culture is not only important but intrinsic in helping us put our minds in a more healthier way of being.

Peace out and listen to your Song.


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