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3 simple, proven singing tips you need to know to improve your performance.

Throughout the years I have been singing in many different environments and made a lot of mistakes. Your voice needs care and attention and needs to be trained, cared for and regularly maintained to keep it in peak shape.

Have you ever been on stage and got cotton mouth! Man that is not fun, have you warmed up and gone over and over your songs for hours and then went to perform to find your voice is tired and worn out? have you struggled to hit the high notes of your favourite song? or tried to figure out why the song your singing just doesn't do it?

Here I am going to add 3 DIY tips to use when preparing for that vital performance and a BONUS Tip.

Number One: Preparation.


A common mistake many singers make is over practise in preparation of a gig and tiring out the voice even before you have started the gig, feelings of being unprepared drive this, or not giving themselves enough time to learn the lyrics and melody before hand.

So give yourself an action plan and time scale of when you need to learn the songs by, chances are you will already be familiar with the lyrics and melody if its a cover. Start to break down the sections, get a copy of the lyrics and study them. lightly sing sections and start to put them into your memory bank without going full belt over and over a gain. usually the middle eight and last chorus hold the big dynamic changes and push vocal ranges. so ensure you know the lyrics the notes within the key and melody. also ensure you are fully warmed up before then attempting to push your voice.

Leave yourself a few days before the gig which can be used for just final run-throughs to keep things fresh. You then can concentrate on preparing your voice not preparing your songs!

Number Two: Select the right key for your voice.

Select the right song.

Remember the voice is unique to the person and you will have your own vocal range, Firstly listen to the song a few times and make a decision if its right for your voice within its current key, if you know a little about music you can always sing it in a different key, but that would normally require you to then be able to play an instrument to accompany you with the right chords, or locate a backing track already completed within this key, which takes more time, effort and money.

So find a song that fits you vocal range and most importantly a song you can SELL to your audience.

Number three: SELL your song!


When I say SELL I mean PERFORM, become one with the song, make your audience believe the words you say by putting your heart and soul into the song,This comes across as a powerful emotion as your emotions empower your singing, emotion used with the right technique and control is the buzz spot, the X factor, the million pound point of singing. If you feel that you can't do this with your chosen song, STOP don't waste your time.

You are communicating to other people, sounding out powerful vibrations/sound frequencies to then be programmed by the other persons brain and potentially have an influence on how they are currently thinking and then thus feeling. overwhelm them, flood them with their own emotions and capture they attention, because they will want MORE!! If you can't connect with a song, it will sound lifeless, half hearted and lost.

Have you ever wondered why, when you listen to certain tracks you feel great and uplifted, sometimes the lyrics or melody stick in your head. Good or Bad! Thats your sub conscious minds doing. Get into your audiences sub conscious mind, powered by emotion and you are SELLING the song to them.

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Bonus: Build up your team.

Build your Team.

Remember even great singer has a great vocal coach behind them, i know a-lot of self taught singers who can pack a punch and I'm not saying spend thousands of pounds on a private vocal coach, but surely complete a singing course, undertake singing grades or bare minium find FREE singing tips advice online giving you guidance, support and direction. Use the resources you have and the internet.

But at some point you will need to part with you hard earn cash in exchange for invaluable knowledge and guidance to aid you on your own musical journey and thats what this is a Journey, you may feel some people are ahead of you towards achieving their perceived goals.

But remember just focus on your journey, where you are now and most importantly where you would like to be! because in truth. There will be people ahead and behind you and most likely at some point have set the same goals that you have set. So with that in mind, use it to your advantage, those ahead, seek their wisdom, experience and knowledge. Those behind, share what you have learnt so far, because time and space change quickly and those behind can be in-front in a flash and those in-front can be behind just as quick. we all need friends allies and partners to succeed. value this and become the PORT TO CALL so others can anchor and then return the favour when you need the same help. same goes for finances within music, its great to give and you must always give. But hey, it's better when you get paid for giving your passions to others, because deep down you know that if you can secure money then you can secure more time to focus on your true talents, passions and calling in life. which can only be a good thing. Let the accountants count money, train drivers sound horns, and singers sing.

Awake to your Calling.

Pete Winwood

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