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Success & Failure. In the same day!

Some days you think, can we do it, can we all get in the same room on the same day at the same time. 


It didn't happen today, however, we did have a 3 man practise. Drums, bass, acoustic and vocals. Yeah. Progress made. 

It's so important when forming a band to meet as much as possible, even if you're a member down, or if it's for a drink to catch up and the most crucial ingredient and point of it all IS TO... GEL.

We had one hour and we decided to smash an original song and work on it untill it was tight...ish.

I think the rust was falling off my voice after each take and my confidence also began to grow. As if my vocals were covered by browny mush, slowly washed away after each breath. Revealing a beautiful angelica sound of wonder. Lol well something like that anyhow. 

Next meeting, I am happy to share I am going out into the world and I am going to watch Issac Gracie at the Sunflower lounge, again with 3 out of 4 members. But it will be a glorious show. I hope to write a review of the whole thing. While talking at appropriate moments of band antics. 

Peace and joy to you. 

What success and failure have you had today?


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