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Pivotal Performance in Birmingham

After coming home from attending a successful day at Pivotal International Music Conference 2018. Which was held in the aesthetic spot of the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. I can reflect on the days proceedings and the coming together of musically people, organisations and peers for this much needed event.

Birmingham's Shining Beacon

Over recent years you will find it hard to find industry network meetings around the West Midlands region and beyond, making us feel the harsh glow of London's shining lights. However, a shining beacon came to creation in the form of PIMC. It showed drive, passion and a desire to improve music management networking opportunities for Birmingham's active music industry.

The day was full of industry panellist sharing success tips, good practise and knowledge to the attendees. In addition, with opportunities to network and have one to one meetings with: a number of other like minded artists; digital distributors; managers; representatives for collection societies; education establishments and a host of other music related services for artists. The event encompassed a real sense of unison among the attendees with an open door, while contributing to a welcoming and harmonious environment.

Showcase of Talent

Stepping forward and taking a momentous jump into the evening after I had braved the day with a teary eyed early morning start to a luscious late finish. I stuck around to watch the bands, who were handpicked by Birmingham Promoters for a showcase event at the Actress and Bishop.

I was pleasantly entertained and engaged by a host of well crafted musicians and artists. I have left a little review and song link below in case you missed them play...

Harry Jordan

Finishing off the night was Harry Jordan, taking to the stage with her five piece band, who looked very well acquainted. Obviously the devil has been having a dish with Harry and influenced a modern twist on this country and western bliss. Also she was keen to please and engage with the audience attendees which allowed her charming personality to shine through. Overall, entertaining and allowed some well thought out cover versions to enter the room, giving a refreshing and friendly end to the night.


These guys wouldn't be out of place in the 60s with the prog rock era, taking the audiences with them on a journey of guitar sounds and solos, encompassed with melodic dissonance and chunky chord patterns. Not such your typical everyday band... Non the less, they gave a super performance. A psychedelic unfolding with every change and slick song links added a well rehearsed feel.

Speak, Brother

Ascending to the stage with three of their five brothers, the band were eager to start. They did so with by far my favourite song from 'Magnificent'. This song gives you an uplifting taste of the songwriting ability and tracks that can be produced by this band. Drenched in folk roots and escorted with valour, applying a boost of electronic vibrance and foot stomping percussion. They fit nicely into the modern scene emergence of Elbow and Mumford and Sons. They would not go amiss on the same stage.

Natalie Holmes

Firstly, upon first glance, I thought she was fresh out of school playing for experience. However, I was wrong... she came across as an experienced and soulful songwriter. She combines the clever use of vibrant crisp vocal lines, accompanied with amplitude and balance by her slick riffs and chord accompaniments. She has a serious talent for songwriting. The measure of the sound was flowing, vibrant and enticing to the ears of the audience.

Hunger Moon

The duo vocalist Natalie Jenkins and guitarist/keyboardist James Attwood, played a handful of enchanting and spellbinding songs. It really set an intimate scene, if only the venue had tables for two with a candle lit ambience, I could have easily kicked back for the night and appreciated the versatile and controlled timbres of Natalie's vocals. James gave a solid and consistent accompaniment with precision and intent, to ensure the acoustic performance was honoured.

I will be venturing out to the newly created 'Music Network Monthly' at the Custard Factory next week and hope to leave a review of the artists performing there.

See you then.

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